BeeLine, A New Type Of Cycling Computer

Posted on May 18 2017 - 8:02pm by Brian Atkinson

Beeline, a 2015 Kickstarter success story, is officially shipping units of its smart navigation system for bicycles. Designed with the simplicity in mind, this add-on for your 2-wheeler brings smartphone connectivity and turn-by-turn direction in a small circular display that mounts right to your handlebar. Beeline just starts in a small rubberized shell that easily fits on a keychain, so you store it when not in use. The electronic paper display is not bigger than a coin but it packs a ton of info: Once in place, this Cycling Computer sits much like any other cycling computer unit, but the mounting sys is easier for the use than some others on the market.

Inside is an accelerometer and gyroscope that works in tandem with your phone’s GPS radio to provide directions to your desired location. You will start on by setting a path within the free iOS and Android app, from there, just follow the directions on the display.



Having something that’s easy to pop on and off the bike is a critical feature for urban cyclists because items left on the bike cycle when locked up are likely to disappear within seconds. This new cylcing computer is also fairly compact so it easily fit in a jacket pocket or in a bag, and it comes out with a small metal toggle which hooks onto the strap and attaches to your keychain, meaning that you keep the Beeline together with your keys — although it makes for a fairly chunky keyring.

A potential downfall of this device is that Beeline only communicates with the arrows and distance remaining to the next action. If you are someone that prefers a street or map view, opting for a phone bike mount may be more beneficial. Beeline’s inconspicuous design is simply to be a hit with those looking for a minimalistic alternative to traditional bike computers.

The Beeline comes in a choice of three strap colours: Charcoal Grey, Hot Coal Red and Petrol Blue. It’s exclusively available for purchase direct from the maker for $120.