Dorkpod Is Charlottesville’s First Do-It-Yourself Vertical Electric Vehicle Kit

Posted on Mar 6 2017 - 6:28pm by Brian Atkinson

The Dorkpod by Tinkersmiths Makerspace is an open source DIY vertical personal electric vehicle. The Kits for the Dorkpod are available in a variety of options for makers of any skill level froDorkpod” is Charlottesville’s first do-it-yourself vertical electric vehicle kitm just the plans to a fully complete and ready to drive model. The design is just built around using an electric wheelchair base for the drive sys, and the vertical cage can be customized and easily put together.

DorkPods Design:

Dorkpod is made of lightweight plywood mounted to an electric wheelchair base that provides a low-carbon footprint way to travel short distances. This kits can be put together in the span of a weekend, and the company is looking into selling completely assembled Dorkpods for those that don’t want to go through the hassle of putting it together themselves.



What’s More

This kind of device may not be as fast as electric cars and bikes, but it can serve a variety of uses. As they’re planning all their DorkPods to be personally designed by the owner, it could be used as a personal transport, a moving storage, an electric haul or stroller, or whatever the owner may think it to be.

The Dorkpod is a lightweight plywood skeleton kit, which can be ordered pre-primed, pre-painted, or in the form of open source plans with cad files. This kit bolts to an up-cycled electric wheelchair chassis, and combination creates a super affordable vehicle that can be assembled in the timeframe of a weekend. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise $3,000 for Dorkpod project.