Future Business: Three Industries That Technology Has Revolutionized

Posted on Jan 4 2017 - 7:30am by Robert Meyers

The world is changing. Not only that but it’s changing seriously fast. And one place where this applies more than anywhere else is in business. The way in which businesses function has changed so much in recent years that a lot of it is practically unrecognizable. A lot of the reason behind these changes comes down to one simple thing: technology. Technology has made more of a difference to our lives than just about anything else, and business is no exception. The most amazing thing is just how many different industries have felt the benefits of modern technologies. Rather than it being localized to tech specific fields, the rise of technology has enabled just about every area to push forward and innovate in ways that people could never have imagined even a decade ago. Here are just a few of the industries that technology has almost entirely revolutionised.

Retail Shop


The most common way that technology has changed retail for the better is through the internet. Online shopping has changed the way millions of people think about their purchases. From gifts to groceries, people are now able to find what they want and buy it with the single click of a mouse. Of course, that’s not the only thing that’s changed. After all, what about when you actually want to visit a real store? It might not be obvious at first, but technology has made the way in which we shop far easier and more convenient. With technology updated point-of-sale systems, retailers can keep track of your purchases which makes returning items much less of a hassle, as well as letting them keep track of loyal customers who they should be rewarding. Plenty of retailers also have their own apps which are designed to make the act of shopping far more streamlined. Rather than searching down aisles for hours trying to find what you’re looking for, that app can simply tell you where to find it, saving you a lot of time and energy.


If there are technological advancements to be made, you can bet that technology will often be right at the forefront of them. The responsibility that comes with caring for people and saving lives means that medical professionals can’t afford not to push themselves forward constantly. This applies to the industry as a whole, and technology is one of the best ways that it can always stay right on the cutting edge. Technology hasn’t even just revolutionized a single element of the medical profession; it’s extended to just about every area of it. Huge strides have been made in research, but there have also been huge advancements in patient care. Even the administrative side of things have had a huge boost with the help of technology, allowing doctors and nurses to focus on what’s most important. Some of the things that tech is doing for medicine sound downright futuristic, like the news of organs and tissue being 3D printed. Click here to read about 3D printing and some of the incredible things that it can do.

The music industry

There’s no doubt whatsoever that music and technology have always been closely linked. From the earliest recording techniques to the most cutting edge digital software, where music went technology followed and vice-versa. But technology hasn’t just changed the music itself, but the industry around it. The most obvious way that this has happened is with digital downloads. The record industry was in a very bad position for a while with the rise of illegal downloading. Over time, though, it adjusted and was able to embrace digital services as the new way that people were buying music. Bands like Radiohead started to offer different prices for their music depending on whether you just wanted to download it or if you wanted to shell out for a set that included the CD as well as the vinyl record. But even since then the music industry has changed. The rise of streaming services means that there aren’t nearly as many people actually buying music as there used to be. Instead, people are paying a monthly fee that allows them to stream all of their favorite music as much as they want.

With every new change that technology brings, there is usually another one just waiting on the horizon. The best thing that most businesses can do is to embrace those changes rather than push against them. Technology is an inescapable part of modern life, and trying to fight that is definitely a losing battle.