Flip Grip is a handheld accessory that turns the Switch into a vertical gaming machine

Posted on Sep 5 2018 - 5:35pm by Brian Atkinson

There have been a handful of brilliant, classic arcade video games released on the Nintendo switch that are satisfactory performed vertically, as turned into at the start supposed. Titles like Ikaruga, pac-man, and most currently the first proper port of Donkey Kong’s arcade iteration. There’s most effective one trouble: gambling vertical games on the switch is a nightmare, because the tablet’s kickstand and controller slots don’t support the format. however a brand new crowdfunded accent could solve that problem.

It’s referred to as the Flip Grip, and it’s essentially a grip that holds the switch vertically, while the joy-Con controllers slot in at the aspect. It’s product of a single piece of ABS plastic and capabilities rails on either aspect designed to work similar to the rails at the switch tablet. The accessory will sell for $15 if it ships, so that you can show up if the Kickstarter campaign is completely funded. Currently the creators are seeking to raise a reasonably modest $42,500 for the project.


Flip Grip is a single tool with rails on the facet for attaching joy-Cons, which lock into vicinity, in addition to slots on the inside to deal with the switch. These emulate the rails determined at the switch console, so the use of it will experience familiar to owners. The headphone jack, SD card slots, and game card are all handy whilst the switch is in the case.

Flip Grip locks in your Switch as well as both Joy Cons so you don’t have to worry about either slipping and coming out. All functions of the Switch are accessible, except for the primary power button or the charging port, sadly.

You can still put the Switch to sleep by holding the Home button, but a full power off will require removal of the Switch, as will a dead battery.

But, at just $15 on Kickstarter currently, this is a no-brainer if you’re an arcade-style person. Flip Grip is slated to ship in November of 2018, and has already well-exceeded its funding goal.