Nokia has announced the Nokia Sleep, a bed sensor that sits under your mattress 

Posted on Aug 11 2018 - 2:24pm by Brian Atkinson

Even as there may still be a few uncertainty surrounding the future of Nokia Health, the Finnish corporation it’s nonetheless rolling out new gadgets with the Nokia Sleep pad now available to purchase.

Introduced back in January, the Nokia Sleep takes the place of the dearly departed Withings aura. Virtually, the Sleep is basically similar in seems to the Aura save for one noticeable difference: The Sleep ditches the large light pod and alarm speaker that took up lots of space on your night time stand. Consistent with Varoun Sanath, the product supervisor lead on Sleep, the pod wasn’t honestly all that popular with proprietors of air of Aura’s sleep setup.

After putting the device beneath your mattress, you can look at your sleep cycles in the Nokia health Mate app, consisting of light sleep, deep sleep and rapid-eye-actions phases. The Nokia Sleep can also track your loud night breathing.


Nokia Sleep Features

The accompanying cellphone app additionally dishes out a nap score, a single figure letting you understand how restful your sleep really become. Then there may be something called the Sleep Smarter Programme. This gives guidance that will help you create a extra balanced sleep time table.

However the high-quality function is that the device works with IFTTT. You can pair the Nokia Sleep with different gadgets if you’re sincerely into automation. For example, while you get away from bed within the morning, the Nokia Sleep may want to inform IFTTT to switch at the lighting, raise the temperature, open the blinds and more.

Nokia Sleep Price

It’s going to be very interesting to see if there’s a market for the sensor, shorn of its night-and-day-light simulation lamp. Not to mention that other sleep sensors that offered similar insights — such as the Peter Thiel-backed Sense Hello — have foundered. That won’t deter Nokia, however, which is pushing out the sleep pad at some point in the next few months, priced at $99.95/under £100.