S150 Monitor Audio Airstream: Sophisticated Details

Posted on Nov 15 2015 - 7:45am by Robert Meyers

The S150 is an easier way of streaming tunes from mobile devices, but since it is equipped with the same audio tech as the S200, there shouldn’t be any compromise on sound quality. The enclosure seepages edification with its elusive curves and eye catching details. The way the cabinet inclines back towards the top is delightful, giving the S150 its distinctive shape.


On top you will see a glass panel with a sparkly finish underneath, a superficial but charming visual flourish. The robust cabinet is built from mineral filled polymer, which supplies rigidness and damping, while the front is covered by a light grey cloth grille; this can be removed if you want a peek at the presents.

A power button and pill shaped LED adorn the front, while volume, Bluetooth and auxiliary input buttons are found on the side. The LED glows blue when Bluetooth is chosen and blinks in matching mode, while green denotes that the aux input is selected. The drivers are directly powered by dedicated Class D amplifiers that muster 40W in total that is 15-W to each bass driver and 10-W to the tweeter. They are fed by a high res DAC and the sound is optimized by intelligent digital processing.

Starting at a dreamy pace with “Munich” by Corinne Bailey Rae, you can hear fingers plucking and brushing the acoustic guitar strings, while the details in Rae’s breathy voice are laid bare. The S150 is a fabulous performer, sounding every bit as good as its step-up sibling.

All the usual Monitor Audio hallmarks are present spine tingling clarity, polish and effortless musicality, but a sparky tone and punchy bass ensure there is plenty of fun and excitement too.


Airstream S150 is wondrous Bluetooth speaker, which presents brilliant and outstanding design and sound quality with an affordable price.