Walk, Ride, or Hike – The Versatility of Wireless Earbuds

Posted on Oct 1 2014 - 7:02am by admin

Whatever your activity of choice, the experience can likely be enhanced with music to accompany it. Unfortunately, corded headphones are less than ideal to bring along for active ventures. Wireless headphones, particularly earbuds, tend to be much more durable and safe, and they are generally better suited to movement of any kind. For an active lifestyle that demands a soundtrack, wireless bluetoothearbuds are your best bet.

Fit For Any Activity

Your adventures may involve high-intensity movement, and it’s worth having headphones that can handle it all. There are several reasons that wirelessearbuds meet the bill.

First of all, earbuds do not have a headband, the strip of material connecting the two earpieces of a set of headphones over the top of the wearer’s head. Headbands can be bulky, and without them, these earbuds can fit comfortably within any sport helmet with audio liners.

This means you can just as easily take them skiing as you would hiking. The lack of a headband also makes earbuds relatively lightweight, reducing the strain on the wearer’s neck. Less weight on the neck makes any exercise safer, whether you are practicing yoga or hitting the slopes.


Pictured: Chips® – Wireless Audio from Outdoor Tech®

The versatility afforded by the wireless model makes these earbuds both convenient and cost-effective. For any activity, you will be well equipped with these earbuds, eliminating the need to buy multiple different pairs of headphones for your various activities.

Rain or Shine


Earbuds suited to ski helmets won’t do you much good if they require that a fragile audio device be exposed to potentially extreme weather conditions. When you go wireless, however, this is not an issue.The fact that the earbuds do not have to be physically connected to the audio device gives you more freedom of movement and keeps your likely expensive audio device out of harm’s way. You do not have to carry the device with you; as long as you stay within a certain range, you will still be able to listen to your audio. Devices that are heat or moisture sensitive can also be kept away from the elements this way, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and still have music to keep you going.

No Wires Means No Worries

In the context of high-intensity movement, the wires of corded earbuds are an accident waiting to happen. Just a few potential problems corded earbuds can cause should they become caught or entangled during an activity include:

  • The wires can be strained and even broken.
  • If the wires limit the movement of your arms, this can be a safety hazard, as you may not be able to properly break a fall.
  • The earbuds can be yanked out of your ears, or the audio device can be jerked out of a pocket and possibly dropped or otherwise damaged.

You, your headphones, and your audio device alike are safer when there aren’t any dangling cords in your way. You won’t have to worry about your headphones coming unplugged or being strained or broken by your movements. Moreover, with wireless earbuds, audio devices can be kept anywhere within a certain range, perhaps safely stowed away from harm in a bag or on your person. Fewer worries of this kind means more time to focus on and enjoy the activity at hand.

Bring Your Soundtrack Anywhere

An active lifestyle calls for durable, safe, and versatile headphones, above all. Ultimately, wireless earbudsare a useful match to these needs, allowing you to safely listen to music or other audio material while you hike, bike, ski, or undertake any number of other adventures.