Spinbox Allow You To Build A DIY Portable Turntable By Yourself

Posted on Sep 1 2017 - 5:54pm by Brian Atkinson

The group of developer at Spinbox has created a self-assembly portable turntable package which has been designed for anybody that enjoys paying attention to vinyl and affords the whole thing you want to construct your very personal turntable with full commands. All components were placed in the Spinbox cardboard field, which will let you construct a DIY portable turntable through your self.

Spinbox DIY Portable Turntable Design

The Spinbox is an revolutionary DIY portable turntable that measures 327 x 270 x 95mm and weighs approx 1200g. As shown within the pix, this new portable turntable features a cardboard container that consists of all additives for the turntable. The box is made with the identical paper cloth utilized in packaging for Apple products, so it is water-repellent and robust enough to keep the middle modular of your Spinbox and sturdy enough to allow DJs to scratch with the turntable. meanwhile, the cardboard field is available in 3 elective designs, and it’s customizable the use of excessive nice printing.


Using blanketed manual and screw motive force, you can construct your personal turntable and learn the internal shape of a turntable. More importantly, you may use it to experience your favorite vinyl records with three pace levels: 33, 45 and 78rpm. Its integrated full range speakers deliver clean stereo sound. Moreover, it additionally helps outside speakers or connects together with your headphones.

Moreover, the DIY portable turntable is compact enough to bring everywhere, and it’s powered through micro USB, which means that you even can energy it by using a portable energy financial institution. In addition, it additionally serves as a speaker that connects together with your phone, tablet or any track player thru 3.5mm audio jack.

Spinbox DIY Portable Turntable Price

The group of Spinbox has correctly finished the crowdfunding purpose on Kickstarter, but we nonetheless can pledge $99 to preorder the DIY portable turntable. It is anticipated to be shipped in November 2017.