The Magnetic Stand Looks Like A Moon Of The Orbit Portable Projector

Posted on Sep 19 2017 - 9:11pm by Brian Atkinson

Projection tech holds robust promise for the future of era, that is something that the conceptual ‘Orbit’ Projector goals to expose us a glimpse of. Designed to be used on a desk, the floor or even hung from the ceiling, simply moving the stand around the case, you could trade the angle of projection.

Orbit Portable Projector Design

Louis Berger, an industrial designer from Germany came up with Orbit, the concept portable projector. As we will see from the pics, the projector seems like an orbit machine that consists of the main frame and its moon. The projector keeps its two rounded surfaces perpendicular on your desk, and the moon-like magnetic stand is designed to hang to the case. whilst moving the stand around the case, you could easily adjust the attitude of projection so that you can effects task display on the wall or ceil. The usage of custom floor stand and ceiling mount, you may also effortlessly deploy it on the ground or ceil.


Orbit Portable Projector Features

Moreover, with an integrated laser focus, this new portable projector will automatically accurate the focal point and angle warp of its image, and the Orbit works with various smart television boxes so you don’t must discover different external assets.

In addition, an protected rounded Bluetooth remote can recognize simple “taps” and complex gestures for intuitive and handy controls. further, using integrated Bluetooth module, this smart projector additionally works with other wireless audio system for the higher audio performance.

The Orbit Portable Projector is still a design concept at present. If you need a few available portable projectors, you may like to check the other portable smart projector.