Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphone Offers 30 Hours Of Playback

Posted on Feb 16 2017 - 11:40am by Robert Meyers

Marshall has recently released a new pair of wireless headphones called the Marshal Mid Bluetooth Headphone. The new headphone looks very similar to the Major II headphones that the company released a year before, but with some notable differences. The differences include a new hinge and also ear cup design while the best feature of its predecessor is the crazy long battery life.

Marshal Mid Bluetooth Headphone

But this time also the headphone gets the longer battery life, the company said that you will get at least 30 hours of playback per charge with the Mid Bluetooth Headphone. Aside from the new sleeker design, the internal features are extremely similar to its predecessor. The Marshal Mid Bluetooth offers the Bluetooth AptX audio, 40 dynamic drivers and claims of 30 plus hours of battery life, like the Major II headphone.

The headphones are on-ear headphones and use the multi-directional brass control knob. With the multi-directional control knob, users can play, pause, shuffle and adjust the volume of your device as well as power your headphones on or off. The headphone also offers the phone functions, so you can answer, reject or end a phone call with a few simple clicks. When you want to listen the music wirelessly, so you can use the empty 3.5mm socket to share audio with someone else.

The headphone boasts 40 dynamic drivers and a frequency range of 10Hz to 20Hz, as well as it packs 21 ohm impedance and 95dB SPL sensitivity. Users can charge their headphones via a micro USB.

Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphone Specs

  • Bluetooth AptX audio
  • 40 dynamic drivers
  • frequency range of 10Hz to 20Hz
  • 21 ohm impedance
  • 95dB SPL sensitivity
  • 5mm socket
  • Charging via micro USB
  • 30 hours of playbacks

Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphone Price

The Marshall Mid Bluetooth headphone is available through selected retailers and also available online, priced at $200.