Darth Vader Edition Of PS4 Announces By Sony

Posted on Aug 17 2015 - 9:09am by Robert Meyers

The Darth Vader version of the PS4 has been announced by Sony which comes in two bundles the first comes with a copy of Star Wars Battlefront, whereas the other has the Saga Starter Pack version of Disney Infinity 3.0. But only one as far as gaming goes, Sony is bringing out a special Darth Vader edition of the PS4 console in time for release of a new game Star Wars Battlefront.


By chance, the most exciting aspect of this console announcement, is that each bundle will come with a voucher to download a set of Star Wars Classics Super Star Wars, Star Wars  Racer Revenge, Jedi Star-fighter, and Star Wars Bounty Hunter, all reworked to play on PlayStation 4.

There is also a unique DualShock controller with a red direction pad, grey thumb-sticks and a unique mixture of grey and red face buttons, as well as red and blue shoulder buttons. Pretty snazzy. The console is a 1 TB version of the PS4, with a full custom made chassis that has Darth Vader’s mask and the Star Wars logo emblazoned on the side.

The Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle will include a custom 500GB limited edition PS4 system (CUH-1200 series) and DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller inspired by Darth Vader.

The game is set during the events of the original trilogy, allowing players to control its classic heroes and villains, and supporting matches for up to 40 players at once. This version includes a physical copy of the game, the Disney Infinity Base, the Rise Against the Empire Play Set Pack, and an exclusive Boba Fett figure, in addition to the Darth Vader console and controller.

The Darth Vader PS4 will be available later in the year November 17th in the US and November 19th in the UK and Australia. There’s no word yet nevertheless on whether the special version will see the light of day in Asia.