Play Station 5 By Sony – Enter Into Gaming World

Posted on Jun 13 2015 - 10:45am by Robert Meyers

Sony has revealed the news in UK which is amazing news for gaming players that: “Play Station 5 will be released in 2020 with new brilliant features plus virtual reality,” gamers waited long for 10 for PS 3 and PS 4 and now they will have to wait for PS 5. But Sony UK boss Fergal Gara added that “It’s probably a sign of the times and how much has changed in seven years, but I think the willingness and the appetite to pick up new technology fast has probably changed quite a bit.”


For the next few years, though, he said Sony will be putting its weight behind the PS 4. So, rather than waiting another seven years for the PS 5, which would peg its launch in 2020, the fast-paced development of technology could mean the PS 5 rears its head much sooner – but could it really be as soon as 2016? We suspect that even if Sony is able to shorten the time between its PlayStation releases, we’ll still be waiting until at least 2018 before the PS 5 becomes a realistic option. It’s been 20 years since the first PlayStation was released, and there were seven years between the launches of the PS 3 and PS 4. That was the longest stretch, with the PS 2 appearing five years three months after the PS 1, and the PS 3 six years eight months after the PS 2. It’s fairly safe to say Sony doesn’t follow a strict pattern with its console releases.

Hardware Info

As you might expect, very little is known about the PS 5’s hardware. Going by AMD’s enthusiasm over the PS 4, we can only assume it will remain on board the Sony ship for the PS 5. Something else that might become a ‘thing’ with the PS 5 is virtual reality. Project Morpheus, a virtual-reality system that works with PS 4, suggests Sony is looking in this direction for future consoles. Such technology should allow for truly immersive game-play, allowing you to really feel as though you are in the game. Games consoles are naturally long-lifecycle products, with customers investing considerable expense in both the platform and its proprietary titles. However, Sony is reportedly working on shorter time frames between its Play Station launches – at least that’s the impression given by AMD, which manufactured the hardware powering the PS 4.

PS 5 UK Price

Without knowing exactly what’s on offer, it’s impossible to accurately predict how much the PS 5 will cost. With the PS 2 costing £300, the PS 3 £425 and the PS 4 £349, we can only assume Sony will stick around the £400 mark. After all, it has other consoles and gaming PC’s with which to compete.