Amazon Alexa Echo Buttons Are Designed To Offer Physical Interaction With Other Echo Devices

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 4:12pm by Brian Atkinson

Together with the new Echo and a bunch of Alexa capability, Amazon showed off a a fun new piece of hardware at occasion: Echo Buttons. To be had at $19.99 for a two pack, the brand new products are a unusual addition to the existing line, which broadly speaking capabilities various iterations of the standard Echo.

Amazon Alexa Echo Buttons Design

The brand new gadgets are small and kind of hockey puck-shaped in length (think a sleeker model of Staples’ easy button, but one that lighting up). Owners can be able to use them to play video games at the side of an Alexa device. As its name implies, the Echo Button is dedicatedly designed for Echo smart devices. As shown within the pictures, the button sports activities a compact and low-profile rounded shape thing, and the wireless layout lets in you to resultseasily maintain it in your hand or area them anywhere in your own home.

Amazon Alexa Echo Buttons

Amazon Alexa Echo Buttons Features

The Echo Button wirelessly communicates with Echo Spot, Echo Plus or any Echo unit. By means of urgent the top of the button you could trigger a diffusion game play enjoy powered by way of Alexa which include maintaining pace with rhythms in Beat The Intro, vying to reply in query of the Day, and more. Moreover, the integrated LED light within the button can provide an intuitive visual respond.

Amazon Alexa Echo Buttons Price

The Echo Buttons will sell in -packs for $19.99 USD sometime later this excursion season. If you are fascinated, then jump to Amazon for its more details.