Ketchapp Announces Jelly Jump

Posted on Jun 3 2015 - 7:32am by Robert Meyers

In Jelly Jump you tap to make a cube of jelly leap up onto a platform in an endless room that’s quickly filling with black liquid. The latest game for Android users to enjoy was created by Wild-road Games, and published by Ketchapp. We don’t know much about Wild-road Games.



The environment that the game is set in changes colors quite often. I think this is part of the visual appeal of the game because you don’t want to focus to much on anything else, but it is nice to have it change. The cube changes colors as well as the city that looms beyond. You can expect the colors to change on the next run, after you have been consumed from the waters below. The music is a looping ambient track that fits in with the futuristic setting. There appears to be a magic number when it comes to collecting the jelly globs. Once you have collected 200 globs of jelly, you are able to unlock a different jelly form. I have unlocked three additional jellies so far. It seems, though I can’t be certain, the jellies perform differently. Let us know if you agree after you have unlocked a few.

The 3D visuals are surprisingly decent, with the unlock-able jelly shapes leaving splats of fluid on every platform they touch.

Jelly Jump is a free to play game, just like other Ketchapp Games. The only thing that is currently frustrating about the game is the location of the ad. The ad banner is at the bottom of your screen, so you have to touch above the banner to get your jelly to jump. There is a button to remove the ads. You can remove the ads for $1.99. There is also an IAP button. However when you depress it, nothing happens.

Overall, Jelly Jump is an enjoyable game that Wild-road Games has created. Though the premise is simple, everything is put together and packaged quite nicely, which makes this game fun, challenging and visually appealing. If you have a few moments on your subway commute or are waiting at the DMV and want to play a good game, check out Jelly Jump. Let us know your high score.