Lenovo Showcase Folio Concept At Tech World Conference

Posted on Jun 20 2016 - 7:45pm by Brian Atkinson

Lenovo showcased some promising concept devices at its annual Tech World Conference, The Folio Concept. It is the biggest model and can be open and close like a book. When open it looks like a tablet, and when closed it looks like a big dumb phone.

Lenovo’s Folio tablet concept, a slate that folds in half to the size of a paperback. Hortensius said much goes into making bendable device besides a flexible display. Other parts, such the battery and motherboard, need to fold, too. The device has to return to its original shape when it’s unfolded, another challenge met by the Folio.


As for the Folio tablet, when it is fully extended there is a noticeable peak in the middle of the display where the device is folds. As the Lenovo executive folded the screen like a book, the hinge itself became a curved screen not unlike what you would find on the Galaxy S7 Edge, while half of the main screen functioned like a smartphone.

The trick here, Hortensius said that is not only to get a device along with components that can bend along with the display, but also make a device that is able to hold its shape so that the folded-up tablet remains folded. From what we saw during our Tech World demo, it is a feat Lenovo managed to pull off.

Lenovo mentioned that with the help of bendable display and components, the Folio allow dual device and multiple usage scenarios. Lenovo has taken a major step in the flexible/bendable displays which we assume to future of mobile displays. Folio run on Android OS and comes with a new UI. They’ll be in different color options including White, Red, Black as showcased. The usage of metal will be very less in the devices with the bendable display.