Mister Smith & His Adventures: Creative Script

Posted on Sep 12 2015 - 8:41am by Brian Atkinson

Mister Smith & His Adventures hangs all of its hopes on. This is, for want of a better description, an interactive story detailed only with prose. It seems appropriate during a week when Metal Gear Solid 5 is taking the world by storm to point out that telling a decent story does not essentially mean flooding a game with cut-scenes.


That is a rather black and white description of what Mister Smith & His Adventures has to offer, nonetheless, and as even just a few seconds of play will detail, there is a whole lot more color to what is on offer here. Namely, bags and bags of humor.

All of them follow the same path, with reams and reams of text presented by the game’s narrator presumably developer Steven McDade that help set the scene in the whimsical, witty style that proves to be the game’s signature.

Surely, so sharp is the text that you will quickly forget you do in fact have a role to play. Each of the questions is set around one of four areas bravery, friendship, romance and intelligence with the score combined at the end of play to present an end of stage total. In essence, nevertheless, none of this really matters.

Mister Smith & His Adventures and what it already has to offer. Developer Steven McDade has unleashed something almost entirely unique on the App Store an award few can boast eight years into the marketplace’s history, and one that means it is specially easy to overlook Mister Smith & His Adventures’ few weaker moments.

This is a game of real quality, of humor and creativity in spades, using little more than the imagination of one man, tapping away on his keyboard. Now, that is a real story.


Mister Smith & His Adventures is part comedy capers, part pop quiz, with the combination of the two elements presenting a text-based game.