The 10 best Apps for Apple Watch

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 5:44pm by admin

Within a month we will have a chance to pre-order any of the 3 versions of Apple Watch, which will bring to our wrist a simplified version of the applications one can download for the iPhone. When the watch is available there will be over 40 apps, and here we show 10 of the most interesting.

The 10 best Apps for Apple Watch1. Shazam

You probably know this application, but now it will be better than ever as you’ll have the option to analyse the unknown track by lifting your wrist and touching the icon of the application; almost immediately you will see the data of the song you were looking for.

2. Instagram

This popular social network for photography lovers will be among the first to reach the Apple Watch. You will be able to like your favourite pictures and even leave comments with emojis. Of course, notifications will be the order of the day and directly on the wrist.

3. Avios Watch

Recently Avios also announced their new app for Apple Watch, Avios Watch, which will allow users to access their Avios balance and find ways to collect and use their Avios points. This is the first travel app for the Apple Watch announced.

4. WeChat

As with iMessage, you can reply to messages leveraging the integrated microphone of Apple Watch, but sent from your wrist.

5. Uber

Ordering a chauffeur service from your wrist will make you look a whole lot like James Bond. You will only need to lift your arm and send your transport request. Within minutes, a car will appear in front of you that will take you almost anywhere. While you wait, you’ll have the ability to monitor the location of the car without using your iPhone.

6. Twitter

Certainly, other smartwatches have the ability to alert you if someone mentioned you in a tweet or if one of your postings was bookmarked or retweeted, but with Apple Watch you can execute these actions from your wrist and display tweets in your timeline.

7. Pocket Procreate

This application becomes a wireless tool for your iPhone that lets you draw on the screen of the smartphone without buttons that stand between the canvas and your creativity. Each time you need to change colour, wallpaper and others, you can do so directly on the Apple Watch.

8. Citymapper

This is one of the best guides of transport, as it shows you the quickest routes to your destination. Citymapper is based on your location to tell you where the bus or the subway station you need is and through a vibration lets you know in advance when it’s time to get off.

9. AMPLIFi Remote

Musicians often say that the best guitar tuner is the one you have with you. With this app you can connect your iPhone to an amplifier and tune the instrument from your wrist. The watch displays the notes you are playing and tells you if it is necessary to tighten or loosen the rope to reach the optimum.

10. Runtastic

Apple Watch will give the opportunity to optimize this popular application for runners. Just take your Apple Watch while you exercise and you will see real-time information regarding your performance, such as speed, distance, time, pace and even how many calories you’ve burned.