Lenovo Confirms To Launch The Chrome OS Version Of Yoga Book

Posted on Dec 18 2016 - 8:56am by Robert Meyers

The Popularity of hybrid devices getting increase year-by-year, particularly for laptop, tablet and smartphone. One particular model that has been generally received is the Lenovo Yoga Book. Lenovo introduced a two-in-one hybrid tablet called the Yoga Book with Halo Keyboard this year.


At present, the two versions of the Yoga Book are available: one running Windows 10 and another running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and now Lenovo works on its another version. Lenovo  plans to launch a new version of Yoga Book that runs Chrome OS in early next year.

Lenovo VP Jeff Meredith confirmed plans for a Chrome OS variant of the tablet and said, “We’ve had a lot of interest” in Chrome OS and that it could be a good product for schools and students.

Chrome OS version of the Yoga Book will still support its “Real Pen” stylus in the same way it does on the Android version of Yoga Book. The real pen will allow users to write on the tablet’s keyboard –actually a flat, pressure sensitive surface –and have those drawings digitized. The tablet’s Halo Keyboard replaced the conventional keyboard with letter keys on a flat surface.

Yoga Book offers the technology that allows users to digitize scribbles with pen and paper accurately. The new version of Yoga Book will also feature the same drawing capabilities.

Lenovo also suggests that we are likely going to see some overlap between the Android and Chrome OS versions in the future, which only makes sense since Google is trying to push some Android apps onto Chrome OS to halfway coverage the platforms.