Lenovo Unveiled A Concept For A Flexible ThinkPad Laptop

Posted on Jul 15 2017 - 5:41pm by Brian Atkinson

Instead of a hinge to shut the laptop, Lenovo’s concept design suggests that future laptops could have bendable displays which can be bendy sufficient to close the laptop. The company confirmed the concept device at the Lenovo Transform event in the New York. Christian Teismann, Lenovo’s senior vice president of commercial business, revealed a futuristic computing device with a Laptop-like shape component without hinge.

A couple matters that stand out are the reality that it has no trackpad. Alternatively, the picture show that your primary mouse input features might be performed thru voice commands. There is also a stylus that cloud enable you to write at the display screen. As for the way the display become so compliantly bendable, the handiest info supplied on level had been that the housing and display screen could be made of ‘advanced materials’ and ‘new screen technologies.’

Lenovo did not go into any details about the “advanced materials” it referenced to in its diagram, however we can guess some of these materials. For one, the only display screen tech thus far which could bend – and nevertheless function – is OLED technology. OLED display technology is to be had these days, and has been used is a some bendable products, just like the LG G Flex smartphones.

The device, which according to company is a concept, has a unibody layout with a display screen that would bend as well. According to the company, this laptop concept will also be “always connected, always on,”, with the ability to communicate on a couple of inputs methods. The futuristic laptop would heavily rely on artificial intelligence.

This is not the first time Lenovo has dabbled in ductile gadget. Last year, the company showed off a phone concept that bends over your wrist like a bracelet and still manages to live on. Lenovo additionally unveiled a tablet that folds in two to appear like a book.