Lets you record and watch OTA channels anywhere with Fire TV Recast Over-The-Air DVR

Posted on Mar 2 2019 - 8:50pm by Brian Atkinson

Amazon’s fire television partner DVR, the Fire television Recast, is available these days to the general public, after formerly having been best offered for pre-order. the new device offers a way for Fire tv owners to effortlessly get access free, over-the-air broadcast tv at once from the Fire television’s software program. Starting at $229, this cord cutters’ DVR is something of a modern-day-day TiVo, because it combines get admission to to live television, recordings and on-call for programming all in one interface. However whilst the fire tv Recast works as advertised, channel reception for your vicinity can avert your experience.

The device is designed to work along with your existing fire television version tv, fire television or fire tv Stick and a virtual antenna, permitting you to watch stay tv at once within the fire tv interface, in addition to record packages.

Amazon Fire TV Recast Over-The-Air DVR Design

Layout-sensible, the fire television Recast is a massive hulking black field with air flow dots protecting its whole the front. It’s no longer a quite system, however the concept is with a purpose to place it in some thing spot gets the exceptional antenna reception in your own home or rental. Meaning you’ll possibly placed it beside a window someplace, but maybe that’ll emerge as being in the attic or in a bedroom. either could be absolutely best; the Recast streams live programming in your Fire tv devices wirelessly. (you may plug in ethernet for an foremost connection in case you’ve got a jack near anyplace the Recast is going.) if you already very own an antenna, it have to work just best, and the Recast has a USB port for antennas that need power.

Amazon Fire TV Recast Over-The-Air DVR Features

The Fire TV Recast is being pitched as a companion for the newly refreshed Echo Show. Its tuners can record two to four shows at a time from channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, and The CW, and it ships with a helpful companion app that, during setup, charts out the parts of your home with the best antenna signal.

Built-in voice controls let you delete, cancel, or schedule recordings, and Recast integrates with the channel guide on Fire TV devices.

Amazon Fire TV Recast Over-The-Air DVR Price

The Amazon Fire TV Recast starts at $229 for two tuners and 500GB of storage space. The four-tuner, 1TB version will be available before the holidays (November 14) for $279.