Logitech Is Now Adding HomeKit Support To Its POP Smart Button

Posted on Oct 24 2017 - 7:57pm by Brian Atkinson

Logitech’s Pop Buttons is getting an upgrade with the addition of HomeKit support. That will let you control any HomeKit peripheral using the button, including Philips Hue Lights, Honeywell Lyric thermostats, iHome smartplugs and many more. With just a push, you can turn off the lights, turn up the heat, lock the door, and more without ever moving from your couch.

The HomeKit-ready Pop Smart Button can control a device or scene with a push and support up to three gestures for different actions: one with a single press, one with a double press, and another one with a long press. It could let you set up a single button to turn devices on and off, and activate a specific command, as well as trigger a preset that controls multiple devices.


The POP Smart Button also can be used with non-HomeKit devices, like Logitech Harmony hub-based remote, or Sonos wireless music systems controls by using the accomplice Logitech POP app.

The starter package consists of a POP button and hub, and supports as many buttons as you want to feature. The package and further buttons is now to be had in Apple’s stores and website. In addition to compatibility with Apple HomeKit, the POP smart Button offers the capability to control Lutron blinds, Osram lighting fixtures and Hunter Douglas, and extra, extending interoperability past current integrations which include Philips Hue, Logitech concord, and August.

Logitech offers POP buttons is available in white, alloy, coral, and teal colors. The Logitech POP Smart Button Kit with a button and hub is priced at $60, and additional buttons sell for $40.