Mu One compact universal USB-C charger charges your mobile devices wherever you’re

Posted on May 2 2018 - 10:28am by Brian Atkinson

While laptops in recent times have become thinner than ever, their chargers still aren’t very briefcase-friendly. We have already seen an amazing try from MIT by-product FINsix, but now we have something even extra remarkable from the opposite aspect of the pond. Made in Mind, a enterprise best known for co-founder Min-Kyu Choi’s foldable UK plug layout, has simply unveiled a top notch compact 45W USB-C global charger dubbed Mu One at startup events chicago.

This sweet little device supports USB power shipping with a maximum voltage of 20V, but it maintains the equal 14mm thickness as its 12W predecessor, accordingly making it the world’s thinnest 45W USB charger. what’s more, it is pretty smaller and lighter than Apple’s 29W USB-C MacBook adapter.

Mu One Compact Universal USB-C Charger

Mu One Compact Universal USB-C Charger Design

The Mu One is a powerful and versatile worldwide USB-C travel charger that measures handiest 14mm thin. As we will see from the photos, the charger suggests off an extremely compact and narrow shape thing. The usage of a completely unique and patented fold-flat design, you may results easily slide it into your the front pocket for clean wearing.

Mu One Compact Universal USB-C Charger Features

As a regular USB-C charger, the Mu One capabilities an interchangeable head device plus three detachable plugs which will work well in any country around the world. Moreover, Mu One comes geared up with Gallium Nitride technology (GaN) that ensures very high-energy in a small area, so it provides as much as 45W output in order to rate USB-C MacBooks and different laptops with USB-C, and built-in power delivery tech provides a fast fee for various mobile devices.

Moreover, an integrated auto-detect chip automatically identifies connected device and provide the perfect charge based on different device.

Mu One Compact Universal USB-C Charger Price

The team behind Mu One is raising fund for the product via Kickstarter. We can pledge £39 (approx US$54) to preorder the universal USB-C charger. It will be shipped in September 2018.