Ready to have a great outdoor party at night in the cold winter?

Posted on Mar 15 2019 - 2:08pm by Brian Atkinson

If you are searching for a smokeless fire pit that burns wood successfully and fiercely, you’ll be inquisitive about new product created through Solo range the form of the Yukon and Ranger fire pits. The brand new additions to the ever-developing variety of Solo Stoves which offer smaller and large sizes whilst as compared to the tremendous Bonfire fire pit, released via Kickstarter last yr.

Solo Stove Yukon and Ranger Stainless Steel Fire Pits Features

There are some robust parallels between Solo stove’s services and those of fellow out of doors company BioLite. both rely best on firewood to generate heat and both promise to substantially reduce smoke with carefully thought out air float systems. however where Biolite’s outdoor FirePit, for instance, makes use of a chargeable strength percent to pressure air jets at strategic places across the fire, the Solo stove series fights smoke all on its lonesome.

Air is drawn into the lowest of the Yukon via a ring of round vents round the bottom. some of this air is drawn upwards thru the middle and feeds the fireplace just as you might assume, while a thin, separate chamber runs up the perimeters. because the air rises thru the internal of the walls it is warmed up and blown out across the top of the fire, which the corporation says creates a secondary burn and kills off small timber debris that might have otherwise become smoke.

A handy ash pan also rests inside the base of the Yukon, just above the ground to keep burning embers safe and the air flowing, as well has making for easier cleanup.

Solo Stove Yukon and Ranger Stainless Steel Fire Pits Design

Alongside the Yukon, Solo Stove has also introduced a smaller model called the Ranger, which measures 15 in (38 cm) across and 12.5 in (31.75 cm) tall. The Ranger features the same smoke-fighting air flow system as the Yukon, but is intended for smaller areas like urban patios.

Solo Stove Yukon and Ranger Stainless Steel Fire Pits Price

The new Solo Stove fire pits are now available to back via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges available from $199 for the Solo Stove Ranger. “The Ranger uses the same air flow system as the Yukon. It allows cool air to feed the fire at the base continuously while the double wall gets the heated air ready to burn out particles that would be smoke.”

For more details on all available pledge options and delivery throughout the United States was expected to take place during December jump over to the official crowdfunding campaign page