Starbreeze Is Going To Get You Wearing VR Headsets

Posted on Jan 14 2017 - 9:27pm by Brian Atkinson

Starbreeze is building a high-end VR headset that will allow for almost film-quality computer-generated effects in VR and it might have taken one step closer toward that goal. The company has bought Nozon, a visual effects house whose breakthrough is an interactive parallax effect that gives you more freedom when watching computer-generated or 3D-scanned VR video.

This will be possible thanks to the company’s latest acquisition, and it will be used on its forthcoming headset known as StarVR.

Starbreeze starvr


Key to the acquisition is PresenZ, a parallax tool designed by the Nozon to offer a better, and pre-rendered animated experience to headset-wearers, giving a more immersive experience as they look around in a computer generated VR world. According to the companies, the tech offers movie-level definition at room scale.

Some of the current VR headsets can already do that, but PresenZ combines it with far higher image quality than the likes of the PlayStation VR or even the Vive can achieve.

The company promises the result is close to the quality of a regular computer-generated movie, but more immersive experience, since you’re able to move in the scene, rather than just watching it.

An incredibly wide 210-degree field of view (where Oculus Rift for example offers just 100 degrees) and super-sharp dual 5.5-inch 5120 by 1440 display panels (compared to 2160 by 1200 on the Oculus Rift), could allow for the seriously high-quality cinematic experiences, make the most of the image quality allowed by PresenZ.

There is no release date for the StarVR yet, and PresenZ is only designed to work with video content, not games.

But when the StarVR does launch movie fans could find they are brought into cinematic worlds like never before, with film-quality effects combined with the full head tracking in VR to let users exist inside movies, rather than just watching them.