TPCAST is also working on a wireless adapter for the Oculus Rift

Posted on Dec 21 2017 - 1:59pm by Brian Atkinson

After formerly being unveiled for the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) headset, hardware manufacturer TPCAST can be very soon making to be had then you Oculus Rift wired-free Adapter, which is expected to be made to be had inthe U.S. Before the quit of 2017. as the name suggests the TPCAST Oculus Rift wireless Adapter lets in customers to revel in immersive virtual reality reports without the annoyance of being related to a powerful laptop through cables. When you have ever used a wired virtual reality headset you may already know that if the cables are not located effectively or hung from the ceiling, at the same time as the usage of room scale tech the cables can provide an disturbing tug to the customers head and damage the immersive VR experience.

TPCAST has been growing wired-free adapters to get rid of this annoyance and allow digital fact customers to explore their environments without the want to connect at once to the grasp PC. Unfortunately, no word on pricing or international availability has been released as yet through TPCAST for the Oculus Rift wireless Adapter, but as soon as information comes to light, we can preserve you updated as usually.


It’s not entirely clear if this is a separate product to the wireless Vive kit or additional functionality for that same device, but we’ve reached out to TPCast to clarify. The company is promising support for 2K video transmission at 90fps with less than 2 milliseconds of motion to photon latency added on top and a five-hour battery life.

The Vive package works via communicating with a transmitter that users region in their room similar to they could a base station. It’s been available in China for some time, but pre-orders for America and Europe opened remaining month and are anticipated to deliver quickly.