Vibrance Filter Creator is launching for iOS and Android

Posted on Aug 16 2014 - 9:05am by admin

Today Vibrance Filter Creator is launching for iOS and Android. Looking to create an entirely new dynamic of how photo enthusiasts interact with photo filters, Vibrance goes above and beyond just simply applying photo filters. For the first time ever, photographers can easily create their own handcrafted filters from scratch.

Vibrance FilterUsing Vibrance is easy. With a few quick taps of the color bar, effortlessly you can add new colors to your filter. Once you’ve finished laying out your filter, you can easily save it to your library for future use.

” I always liked working with Instagram and other filter apps, but most of the time I felt let down by the customization aspect. With Vibrance, I can easily define my own personal filter style and look to match my aesthetic. It makes my photography that much more personal.” Matt Campbell, Vibrance Beta Photographer, talking with TechTensity.

From the ground up, Vibrance’s Filters were built to be not only customizable, but shareable. Users can import other filters made by friends, or easily take color palettes sampled from their favorite photographs. Make a custom filter from Van Gogh’s Starry Night or build something entirely fresh, the choice is up to you. When you’re done, share your photo or filter with your friends across your favorite social networks.

Vibrance includes a long list of features for full customizations:

• Filter Creation: Create your own Filters with a few taps or import a pre-made filter to get you started.
• Shuffle Mode: With a shake of your phone easily generate random filters on the fly.
• Vibrance FXs: Make your photography pop even more with built in Vibrance FXs.
• Sample Photos to make Custom Filters: Import any photo to sample its palette. Turn friends, family, Art, or anything in the world into custom filters.
• High Quality Saving: Vibrance saves High Quality images, so whatever you export is the same quality as what you put in.
• Backup Your Entire Library: With Vibrance’s custom filter library File Type(.vibe), you can export your entire filter library to back up on your home computer or share with a friend.
• Vibrance Sessions: Vibrance automatically remembers the last photo and filter you were working on even if you get a dead battery or a phone call. No work is ever lost with Sessions!
• Help Guide: Vibrance’s help guide gets you creating filters in no time.

Vibrance is on sale for launch for a limited time for $.99