Apple Updates GarageBand And Logic Pro X With Essential Features

Posted on Jan 21 2017 - 7:39pm by Robert Meyers

On Wednesday, Apple has announced that it release updates to two of its consumer-friendly and pro-level audio production apps – the Logic Pro X for the Mac and the GarageBand on IOS devices. The updates includes a customizable and touch-sensitive Touch Bar support on the new MacBook Pro laptops and also include more advanced file-sharing capabilities between the two apps.


“Music has always been part of Apple’s DNA, and we are excited to deliver yet another fun and powerful update to our music creation apps,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice President of Applications Product Marketing.  “These updates bring a wide range of new and highly requested features to both hobbyists and the community of pro musicians and audio engineers who rely on our software and hardware to create amazing music.”

The GarageBand 2.2 on IOS devices now features a sound browser and includes multi-take recording that gives the users to option of recording and switching between different takes. The company adds some more advanced sound effects, like vocal effects, pitch correction and distortion effects. The app also offers the Alchemy software synthesizer that was previously in Logic Pro X.

Regarding the Logic Pro X 10.3 updates, the company adds a Touch Bar support in the MacBook laptops, which is a very Apple-y way of saying that users can do stuff in the app via the touch-sensitive strip on the keyboard of the laptops. MacBook Pro users and Logic Pro X users can view Logic projects in a timeline on the Touch Bar and it also access things like volume controls and software instruments for music tracks. Both apps also offer the recording stuff and share it between the two via iCloud.