HoloVit Technology Enables Users To Record And Send Holograms

Posted on Sep 17 2016 - 7:08pm by Brian Atkinson

HoloVit, which is recently proved a prototype, is seeking funds on Indiegogo for its personal holography system. The HoloVit is a hologram kit which supposedly lets you watch holograms using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with an additional screen, although it’s very light on technical details. According to the company, you can ‘watch hundreds of online videos as hologram shows’ although it does not say where those videos came from. HoloVit says it’s also building a holographic game, and you can also create your own holograms, using a recording set featuring giant black tarp that looks very professional.

The technology can project visuals up to eight times bigger than that of HoloVit’s rivals’ sys, with the television screens offering rather large images that seem to float around an entire room.


The HoloVit display is being offered in different sizes ranging from 9.8 x 15.3-inches to 25.5 x 35.4-inches. The team is also offering a ‘hologram recording set,’ that is a black background and mat for someone to stand on, enabling users to record their own hologram videos. Because screen is flat and the videos are recorded from one perspective, these holographic images are not 3D like you’d get by projecting into a prism.

HoloVit’s Indiegogo campaign has raised 21 percent of its US$18,000 goal, with the another month left of funding to go. Screens come in three different sizes, with pledges starting at just $79. Higher tiers bundle recording sets, and all pledge levels include the Hologram Battle mobile app game (Android and iOS) as well as links to hundreds of videos that can be viewed as holograms.