D-Link COVR designed to provide a seamless WiFi coverage for home of any size and shape

Posted on Aug 16 2018 - 10:34pm by Brian Atkinson

D-Link unveiled 5 new home wi-fi router product in three classes on January on the CES. Each makes a speciality of solving a one of a kind problem not unusual to home wi-fi: safety, velocity, or insurance. Addressing the final issue is the present day Covr line of wireless mesh networking answers, designed to cowl an entire home — up to 6,000 square ft — with dependable and fast wireless.

D-Link COVR Design

The COVR is a powerful and flexible  mesh WiFi system that includes 3 or extra COVR devices. As we are able to see from the photographs, every COVR unit shows off an stylish and smooth appearance, and swappable colour plates lets in it to fit in any interior ornament fashion or non-public preference. meanwhile, the compact form thing ensures you could easily set up them anywhere in your own home.


D-Link COVR Features

A set of 3 Covr units is able to cover up to 5000 sq. ft, and its high-pace dual-band AC1200 MU-MIMO WiFi ensures the gadget handles HD streaming and video chats concurrently. moreover, the use of smart roaming generation, the WiFi system continually ensures you can be connected to the strongest sign to be had while you move across the residence, whilst its smart guidance feature selects the high-quality band for your device so that you can get the nice overall performance possible all of the time.

As soon as installed the wi-fi system features MU-MIMO technology supplying high speed connectivity to multiple devices concurrently, even as smart steering gives centered wi-fi indicators for a greater dependable connection. This Covr wi-fi device wouldn’t be effective with out seamless roaming getting rid of the problem of connecting to more than one SSIDs as you roam from room to room. should you outgrow the confines of your modern-day network setup the Covr wireless gadget is likewise expandable; all that is wanted is additional extenders to increase the attain of the wireless signal.

D-Link COVR Price

The cube-shaped router appears to take design influence from a safe, which would make sense, and will be available in second quarter 2018 for $250. If you’re interested, jump to the Amazon for its more details.