How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Rankings?

Posted on May 11 2017 - 8:36pm by Brian Atkinson

Choosing the good web hosting provider doesn’t guarantee a upper rankings, but it does mean that you avoid the consequences, and they can be notable ones, of choosing a bad host. Therefore, you just need to choose carefully and not base your decision on just pricing. The wrong host can actively damage your chances at building credit with Bing, Google, and other search engines, rather than that a right hosting service provider will help you increase your site performance and speed. Because your website performance directly affects your efforts that you have done to boost your SEO procedures and practices.


Security is pretty basic – the more at risk your website is to being hacked, the larger the risk of that hack happening and a drop in rankings occurring (which can then be very hard to regain). If you are managing the server yourself, just make sure you take all of the essential steps.

web hosting affect seo

web hosting affect seo


This is a two-fold factor. There is some correlation (albeit it is not a big one) that if you had two equal websites, one in the US and one in the UK, and you are trying to rank in Google US, the site hosted in the US might rank a bit better. It isn’t huge, but worth keeping in mind. What’s more of a factor in server location is the real location of the server itself and where your target users are based around the world. The nearest your users are to your server’s data centre, the faster the server response is likely to be. Faster sites are happy sites.


As a (very general) rule, the more allocated RAM and bandwidth, plus the greater server’s processing capabilties, the faster it is likely to be. Typically, this means dedicated servers (where it is you and only you taking 100 percent of the server’s resources) will perform better than a dedicated VPS (100 percent of the resource, just less resource), shared hosting, or shared VPS. The bigger your website becomes and the bigger bandwidth footprint it creates, as it were, the more you will need a server that can handle that. There’s a good correlation between website speed and organic rankings. If your server is slowing you down, it could be holding your website down as well.