How to recover pictures from a memory card that has become unreadable?

Posted on Sep 27 2018 - 7:11pm by Brian Atkinson

Whether or not you’re a new or veteran photographer, possibilities are you’ve skilled a second of dread while you notion all of your valuable pics were misplaced forever. Maybe you broken a SD or CF card, or by chance formatted a card earlier than offloading your photographs. As long as your memory card can nonetheless be plugged in to, and diagnosed via your PC, there’s an awesome hazard you’ll be able to salvage your pics, even if you did an accidental deletion. Once in a while you may achieve this all by using your self, and get better your lost files. EaseUS data recovery software is famous among home customers for its 2GB free mac data recovery. And if you want to repair more data, you may upgrade to its pro version, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro.


Step #1 – Download

First download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Insert your memory card into your computer and launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The below menu will pop up on your screen, and you’ll want to select the option that’s relevant to your needs: either Recover Photos, Recover Video/Audio, or Recover All Files. Mac Data recovery from your memory card can take a bit of time depending on how many files there are to be retrieved.

Step # 2 – SCAN

Choose your memory card that inserted on your Mac. Click the “Start” button to let the recovery software starts scanning the chosen data types on your memory card.


Step # 3 – Recover Image/Audio/Video from Memory Card

Choose the file you want to restore and click the “Recover” button. Specify a folder to save the file to be recovered and click “OK” to begin retrieve images/audio/video/documents on memory card. Note that the recoverable files can’t not be saved back to your memory card immediately in case that the lost file will be overwritten permanently.