Roccat has released Horde AIMO, its latest membranical RGB gaming keyboard

Posted on May 18 2018 - 12:15pm by Brian Atkinson


ROCCAT has unveiled their latest keyboard, the ‘Horde AIMO’ at tech conference nyc. The Full-size Horde features ROCCAT’s ‘Membranical’ keys which are claimed to combine the strengths of mechanical and membrane keys in one. Typically users only have a choice of one or the other, but the Horde is attempting to offer the best aspects of both switch types. Along with its unique underpinnings, the keyboard has several low latency macro keys, a configurable tuning wheel, as well as multi-zone RGB illumination to give it that gaming flare.

Roccat Horde AIMO RGB Gaming Keyboard Design

The Horde AIMO is a high-performance and budget friendly RGB gaming keyboard that measures 21 x 9 x 1.75 inches and weighs 2 pounds. As we can see from the images, the keyboard sports a sleek and pretty cool appearance design, and it comes with a detachable ergonomic palm rest for comfort during a long gaming session.

Roccat Horde AIMO

Roccat Horde AIMO RGB Gaming Keyboard Features

The RGB gaming keyboard features a full sized keyboard layout and comes equipped with membranical keys that deliver a balance between membrane and mechanical for precise and responsive key stroke, and its improved anti-ghosting ensures that every key stroke with the main keys is registered. Furthermore, a column of five tuned, low-profile macro keys allows for rapid and intuitive execution. And a unique wheel and functional keys provide fast and intuitive control for multimedia, illumination, volume and more. Meanwhile, AIMO lighting system has been built in the keyboard, which delivers intelligent illumination based on your computing behavior and the number of your AIMO-enabled devices like Kone AIMO gaming mouse, Khan AIMO gaming headset and more.

Roccat Horde AIMO RGB Gaming Keyboard Price

The crossover Horde AIMO is currently available for $89.99 directly through as well as Amazon and Newegg. The non-AIMO version due soon (Q2) is $69.99. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon for its more details.